Melody Makers doesn’t just train you to sing, dance, play instruments, and record your talent in a state-of-the-art recording studio. We go one step further – we teach you songwriting!

Songwriting is a step that is extremely important for those looking to be real artists and musicians. We hear songs everyday, but we don’t necessarily know how they came to be. What’s the structure behind a pop song? What’s the reasoning behind those lyrics? What types of instruments go into creating a song of a certain genre? These are plenty of questions that can be answered in our songwriting classes! We want to encourage your style and personality into the songs you create. We are here to help you further your creativity.

Write. Record. Express.

I love to write my own songs and work on them with Miss Melanie. It’s so fun! I like the finished product when I get to record something I created.

Mya Lundin – Songwriting Student