Melody Makers Foundation Scholarship Program (MMFSP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Orange County, California. Our Foundation was formed to transform, empower and heal the lives of underserved teens and children with special needs.

Our mission is two-fold:

1) To provide teens with promising music skills the opportunity of music;

2) To bring the restorative power of music to children with special needs.

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Above: Melody Makers Scholarship Recipient


This Scholarship provides underserved students to train in voice and/or dance, based on their audition. This includes the opportunity to train with our Performing Groups. Scholarship applicants are asked to write a short essay on why a Melody Makers Scholarship should be awarded to them, and what they hope to achieve with the training they receive.

The Melody Makers’ Foundation Scholarship Program provides a rare mentoring opportunity to talented, underserved teens. Teens are guided by our in-house industry professionals that prepare them for a successful career in the Music and Entertainment Business. In keeping their one-on-one approach, Melody Makers’ students get the opportunity to work in an actual studio setting where both theory and the practice of “hit” music production is stressed. They receive a real “hands-on” education that will give them the skills they need to succeed in this Industry.


Weekly Music Lessons & Music Therapy Classes
This scholarship is for children that wouldn’t be able to participate in such a valuable and fun learning setting because of affordability.

Children and Teens with ASD:
Studies document how music can strengthen speech, cognitive abilities, motor coordination and range of motion.
The Journal of Music Therapy (JMT) study based on the significant effect size, combined with the homogeneity of the studies, led to the conclusion that all music intervention, regardless of purpose or implementation, has been effective for children and adolescents with autism.
The JMT and many additional studies found that music used with children and teens with ASD can improve social behaviors, increase their focus and attention, increase communication (vocalizations, verbalizations, gestures, and vocabulary), reduce anxiety and improve body awareness and coordination.
Music is proven a valuable tool to reach children with autism. At times music can be the one thing that can reach a child with autism when nothing else will.
Children with Cerebral Palsy:
For children with Cerebral Palsy music is a motivating catalyst that is proven to enhance speech, motor coordination, cognition and relaxation that supports an increase in the range of motion from tight muscles.
Most importantly music is fun.nStudies indicate that children with disabilities thrive and learn on deeper levels when in a fun musical environment.

Scholarship founder, Melanie Andrews, knows firsthand that music does matter. Melanie has worked with hundreds of students and has witnessed how children and teens thrive when given the opportunity to experience music.
Miss Andrews brings extensive experience to this mission. She is an award-winning, multi-platinum, singer/songwriter/vocal producer. Melanie and her professional music industry team, have spent the last 20 years creating hit music productions for top recording artists, such as Janet Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and many more. They’ve also produced for Television/Movie Soundtracks with a diverse clientele involving them in all aspects of the music and entertainment world.
Melanie has custom-designed Melody Makers Studios’ Singer/Songwriter/Music Production Program to create classes that bring the latest knowledge and technology to students.
Her belief and passion is that music is for everyone; whether a child/teen likes to sing and dance for fun, if they have a serious vision for the music/performance industry or a child with special needs that can benefit from the healing properties of music.