Step 1:

step1-singIntro Private Sing

Our expert vocal coaches will teach and coach the artist’s singing skills through proper breathing techniques, microphone essentials and stage presence training at a professional level.

We also have a coach that specializes in musical theater technique! She helps her students prepare for auditions for school, plays, talents shows, and more!

All of these students have the opportunity to perform bi-annually in our two big concerts every year! Our summer concert, OC Pop Concert, and our Holiday concert, Holiday Jam!
Students that progress, may be invited to prepare to audition for our Step 2.

Step 2:


Once the artist progresses into pre-production, they move into our next level of training. This will also prepare them to audition for our Pro-Recording Division if selected. In addition to our coaches continuing to refine the artist’s singing skills though voice styling, proper breathing techniques, microphone essentials and stage presence, the artist will work with a private professional vocal producer and a recording engineer and start recording in our state-of-the-art recording studio. In this level, artists will participate in our mandatory Pre-Production Songwriting Workshop where the artist is introduced into the beginning process of songwriting for their genre. During the Pre-Production process, your vocal producer will start preparing the artist in the genre and help develop the unique sound that best suits the artist.

Click here to look into our current Pre-Production students and what they’re up to now!
Once the vocal producer feels the artist is ready to move forward they are invited to audition for Step 3, our Pro-Recording Division.

Step 3:


Artists that make it through our Pre-Production audition will be invited to enter our Pro-Recording Division. This is where the artist will be receiving our highest level of training and will get professionally produced master recorded songs written, arranged and produced specifically for each individual artist. In this division the artist will take part in a mandatory music business workshop series which will include advanced songwriting, music publishing, personal artist styling, stage presence and choreography. While in the Pro-Recording Division, some artists will have the opportunity to be selected to sign with our label, MDI Records.

This is where Melody Makers Artist Development Program meets MDI, Music Development Inc. MDI is a full-service music label. Those artists who achieve this prestigeous level will get to be produced by our multi-platinum record team. Some artists will have the opportunity to co-write their songs with our award-winning music writers.