February Student Spotlight – Luke Witting


Every month we highlight one student and put them in the “spotlight” to show off their achievements and passion for their art!

February: Luke Witting

Luke Witting, 12, first began his time at Melody Makers OC just like a few of our past “Student Spotlight” students. He was a Summer Camp attendee. In April of 2016, he performed as the lead male character, Fiyero, at the studio’s Wicked Musical Theater Camp during Spring break. That’s when Owner and Director, Melanie Andrews, knew he had to be in the programs at Melody Makers OC.

Flashback a few years to when Luke was just a baby. Melissa Neuman, Luke’s mom, said that he would not go to sleep without hearing his favorite song, “May All Children”, by Music Together. “[We] sang it not once or twice, but over and over again!” As he grew up, his sister Juliana encouraged him and would do impromptu performances after dinner, says his mom. This led to talent shows, and choir performances through his school. He also began piano when he was just eight years old.

These performances had Luke participating in whatever he could get his hands on. Auditions for the Irvine Unified Honors Elementary and Middle School Choirs came up – and he was accepted! Melissa said that in these performances he was happy, enthusiastic, and had a huge smile.

Flashforward to his first week at Melody Makers OC. He was prepared for a week long camp with other children interested in learning more about musical theater. In Wicked Camp, focused around the hit Broadway musical “Wicked”, these kids learned lines, songs, and dances all within a few hours a day for one week. Luke was committed and encouraging. Owner and Director, Melanie Andrews comments on Luke’s ability and character, “He is so enthusiastic and eager to keep pushing forward with his artist development here at Melody Makers OC. I love when a young artist is pushing me to do more with them. That’s when I know they really want it and we will support them in all their musical endeavors!”

After camp, he began taking weekly private vocal lessons with voice teacher, Guillermo. From there, he began his pre-production journey with Melanie and her team. Most recently, he shot his first music video performing “Ophelia” by The Lumineers. This video, produced by Sparkle Films is on YouTube now! See picture below.

Luke’s dream is to be able to perform for people. “Maybe even on the Broadway stage!” his mom adds. Melanie sees this too, “Luke loves performing and recording. He’s always pushing to do more and is growing rapidly in his abilities.” He is the happiest when he is performing, connecting with the audience, and making them feel happy. His mom sums it up perfectly, “He is very compassionate and hopes he can help people feel better about life through his performances!”

Like Melanie said, he’s pushing to do more…so keep an eye out for Luke! Check out his new music video on Youtube, “Luke Witting – Ophelia Cover

By: Melody Makers OC Student Spotlight Program