Student Spotlight – Emma Grier


Every month we highlight one student and put them in the “spotlight” to show off their achievements and passion for their art!

October: Emma Grier

Emma Grier is a familiar face to the families and teachers at Melody Makers OC. Her involvement is not limited to her sessions with Director, Melanie Andrews. Just twelve years old, she dances and sings in a weekly Performing Group, records originals and covers in our studio, and occasionally volunteers at parties and events held by Melody Makers OC.

But before she became a regular, she was a child that couldn’t stop singing. Her mother, Angela Grier remembers that she has been singing since she was four months old. “It was unintelligible, of course…as she grew she constantly sang day and night.” Then there was a day when Emma was handed a microphone, “This exact moment foreshadowed what was to come,” recalls her mom.
From there she took the stage as a soloist at a preschool show when she was just 2.5 years old. She knew she was going to be a singer. Emma escalated her wishes by entering herself into school talent shows and singing acapella. Based on the reaction of the audience and witnessing a place of pure joy her daughter experienced on stage, her mom realized that her child was serious about her love of singing.

People began referring Melanie Andrews, Director and Owner of Melody Makers OC, as an excellent source for Emma; at the age of eight, Emma’s serious journey with music began. “Emma is a talented, young, girl with lots of potential. She’s come so far with her singing and songwriting the last couple of years and is growing into quite the songwriter!” says Melanie.

Emma has now been performing at many venues – in fact, ten of her twelve years she’s been a performer! She was recently accepted into the prestigious Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) for the Integrated Arts Conservatory. She finds music to be very cathartic and a tool that she turns to on a daily basis. “While going through a long, arduous journey of her father dying, she would invariably say how grateful she is for her music as it is the one time she can feel totally free with no worries,” says her mom.

“Melody Makers OC is her second home,” Angela adds. With her weekly singing, songwriting, dancing, piano, and now guitar lessons, she is no doubt a member of the family. Her other interests show that she is a well-rounded individual: she has a 3rd Degree Brown Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and loves writing, and developing video games. In addition to her singing, she loves the production process of music. She has big plans for both her educational and musical future along with a strong aptitude for making a difference in our world. Her mom could not be more supportive in Emma’s journey, “Based on her current accomplishments to date, there is no doubt that she will reach any goals that she sets for herself.”

Emma’s goals and dreams aren’t small – in addition to being a singer, she wants to be a surgeon and to launch a nonprofit foundation to support children and animals.
Melody Makers OC is honored to teach such a passionate student. We look forward to seeing her further her talent and reach her dreams!

By: Melody Makers OC Student Spotlight Program